Elon Musk has refuted having a relationship with Nicole Shanahan, who happens to be married to Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google.

The Wall Street Journal published an article over the weekend stating that in December 2021 Musk had a brief relationship with Shanahan while she and Sergey Brin were separated. The article was published while the two of them were still living together. The article made reference to anonymous persons familiar with the situation.

“I work crazy hours, so there just isn’t much time for shenanigans,” Musk said in a Monday tweet.

“None of the key people involved in these alleged wrongdoings were even interviewed!,” he added.

Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, referred to the allegation astotal BS” in an earlier tweet and said that he and Sergey Brin were still friends, adding that the two of them had attended a party together a night before.

“I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with many other people around. Nothing romantic,” he added.

According to court records filed in California that were seen by The Journal, Brin filed for divorce from Nicole in January citing major differences as the reason for the split. He reportedly did so a few weeks after learning of the affair, according to the website.

According to the Journal, Brin gave around $500,000 in investment to Tesla in 2008, when the firm was having financial difficulties. The two billionaires have been good friends for many years.

According to the source, Elon Musk apologized to Brin for their affair by getting down on one knee in front of her at a gathering earlier this year and pleading for forgiveness.

When asked for comment by CNN Business, Musk, Sergey Brin, and Nicole did not immediately react with a statement. Shanahan’s divorce attorney could not provide a response either.

In 2019, Brin resigned from his position as president of Alphabet (GOOGL), the corporation that is the parent of Google. Together with Larry Page, he developed the search engine in 1998. Brin and Page are both still active members of Alphabet’s board of directors.

Musk’s troubles in the spotlight

In recent times, discussions about Musk’s personal life, including his romances, family life, and legal issues, have grown more prevalent in the media and in public discourse.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is now in the middle of a contentious court battle with Twitter (TWTR) on his proposed purchase of the company for $44 billion. Musk had shown interest in purchasing the firm, but he abandoned those plans earlier this month. He blamed the social media giant, Twitter, for neglecting to give over critical information pertaining to the amount of bots that are active on its network, which is an accusation that Twitter refutes. Musk disputed charges made against him in May that he sexually assaulted a flight attendant working for SpaceX in 2016. Moreover, in June, one of his children filed a petition with a California court asking that her new name and gender be recognized. In the petition, she said that she no longer wanted to be linked to her famous and affluent father in any manner.  In addition, Insider revealed a month ago that Elon Musk and an executive from one of his firms, Neuralink, welcomed twins last year.