Elon Musk, the SpaceX and Tesla owner, has hinted at building a city ‘Starbase’ around the rocket launch site in Texas. According to the reports, he has approached the officials of the county where the launch site and rocket production facility, SpaceX is located.

Elon Musk moved to Texas from California in December last year and since then he has been working to expand his influence on the Lone Star State. The rocket launching site is located between Austin and Dallas. This is the exact location where he plans to start the next Gigafactory of Tesla. The Boring Company had released a job posting just last week, revealing the plans of inaugurating a manufacturing site in Austin in the near future.

Musk had been hinting about building a city of his own for quite some time now. He recently announced that his city will be called ‘Starbase’ and it would be a dog-friendly site led by the Doge, a bleak reference to the dogecoin cryptocurrency which after his endorsement last month saw a sudden surge in stock price.

The Cameron county judge Eddie Trevino confirmed the news of Musk reaching out to them with an intention of building a city around his private spaceflight company, SpaceX. He said, “Elon Musk is interested in incorporating Boca Chica Village into his city named Starbase”.

Trevino stated that this incorporation is possible, but it needs to abide by all the incorporation rules and regulations. Once that is done, the county will further proceed with the petition to the lawmakers.

Musk who owns many futuristic ventures, such as Tesla Inc., The Boring Company, and Neuralink has reportedly moved to Texas permanently to focus on Tesla’s new Gigafactory as well as to monitor the progress of his SpaceX venture.

The SpaceX venture is supposed to transmit tens of thousands of satellites to the lowest orbits of the earth, which will increase the internet speed globally. Another ambitious plan under the banner of SpaceX is to develop a Starship rocket that will take customers to the moon.  Elon Musk’s idea of colonizing Mars seems to be realistic now. The idea is far-fetched and will take time to become a reality.