While the famous Ellen DeGeneres show is in its final season, Leah Remini, the “King of Queens,” star made an appearance on the show. During the show, both shared many happy moments.

However, the highlight of the show was when Remini suddenly stood up and slapped Ellen on her hand twice but missed the third try.

As Halloween is approaching soon, Remini started talking about her love to prank on her daughter and family members alike. She told stories of how she has scared people in various creative ways and she believes it’s normal to do so.

“Like my daughter, I think it’s normal for a parent to scare the crap out of their kids. My mother did it to me. It’s only natural that that trauma would then be put on my kid, right?”

During this fun conversation with Ellen, Remini continued to tell her about how she “traumatizes” her daughter and friends on Halloween with elaborated set-ups by teaming up with her husband, Angelo Pagan.

During this conversation, Remini suddenly started to shift her head to both sides and then looked over her shoulders.

The silence broke and Remini stated, “No ‘cause you’re acting really interested so I don’t know if you’re doing that thing where you’re like into my story.” To which the host replied, “I’m always interested. What do you mean I’m acting interested?”

To this Remini replied in a louder tone, but jokingly, “You’re not Ellen!” and then suddenly stood up from her seat and hit Ellen on her hand thrice, but missed the third try.

Giving a funny reaction to Remini’s prank, DeGeneres reacted  “Ow! It’s my last season. Don’t hurt me!” To which, Leah replied, “I love you, I miss you, and I’m so happy to be here on your last season. But anyway, thank you for having me. Back to me.”

Both the stars took this on-camera moment very positively and Remini started to tell more tales about her different pranks.