The school teacher Eliza Fletcher who was reported missing for a couple of days was found dead by the investigators in Memphis, Tennessee.

A body was found in the vacant apartment which was later identified as the missing teacher Eliza Fletcher.

The body had same purple running shorts discarded in a trash bag in which she was spotted last time.

According to the officials, the shorts matched the description which was shared by her husband of Fletcher as she had gone missing on Friday when she went for her morning jog and did not return.

The investigators searched for the missing reacher and found a decaying stench coming from a vacant duplex where the body of a woman was discovered. It was confirmed on Tuesday that the body was of Eliza Fletcher.

The District Attorney of Shelby County Steve Mulroy conducted a press conference on Tuesday in which he stated that “to lose someone so young and so vital is a tragedy in and of itself, but to have it happen in this way, with a senseless act of violence, it’s unimaginable.”

Eliza Fletcher was a mother of two and a junior kindergarten teacher. Her death is being mourned by the community.

“We are heartbroken at the loss of our beloved teacher, colleague, and friend Liza Fletcher,” the St. Mary’s Episcopal School said in a Facebook post. “This morning our faculty and staff started the day in the chapel. We lit candles to remember Liza who was a bright light in our community.”

Investigators have narrowed down the investigation to Cleotha Abston – he is accused of chasing Fletcher and kidnapping her in an SUV and later murdering her.

The 38-years-old Abston was arrested this Saturday after the investigators had enough evidence that led them to believe that he is the main culprit.

“We have no reason to think this was anything other than an isolated attack by a stranger,” Mulroy said in the press conference.

Cleotha Abston is charged with aggravated kidnapping as well as tampering with the evidence after he was arrested. The prosecutors have also added charges of premeditated murder, first-degree murder, and murder after the kidnapping.

Abston was arrested after his DNA matched on the pair of sandals at the crime site where Fletcher was last seen.

Chilling investigations revealed that Abston is a seasoned criminal, there are a lot of charges that he faces apart from the murder of Eliza Fletcher. He has felony and theft charges on him and affidavit notes revealed that he was also convicted for possession of a prohibited weapon. The family of the deceased schoolteacher is devastated as she leaves behind two young children and close ones to mourn her untimely death.