Ed Sheeran denies copyright claims at the High Court trial as he doesn’t ‘borrow’ ideas from unknown singers!

“Ed Sheeran has appeared at the High Court for the start of a three-week legal battle over the copyright of his song Shape Of You”, Tweeted Sky News.

The Shape of You singer, 31 has told the High Court that he does not ‘borrow’ ideas from ‘unknown singers’ that too without credits.

The court trial came after the Bad Habit singer was slammed with copyright claims from two singers for his 2017 hit track, Shape of You.

“Sheeran treated lesser-known songwriters differently from famous ones”, alleged the two singers, Ross O’Donoghue and Sami Chokri. However, Sheeran denied the accusation and told the judge that he “had cleared parts of songs with ‘lots’ of unknown artists”.

In 2017, Shape of You secured the number one position on the list of the best-selling songs of the year around the globe for 14 weeks in the UK.

“Ed Sheeran is accused by Sami Chokri & Ross O’Donoghue of copying their song for part of his 2017 hit “Shape of You”

Ed Sheeran previously settled (5 million) a copyright claim over his hit song ‘Photograph’”, a source Tweeted.

A year later, Sheeran and his collaborators for the song issued proceedings to plead the High Court that they have not infringed O’Donoghue and Chokri’s copyright.

On Friday, the duo filed for a counter copyright claim with their attorneys that reads that “Sheeran borrows ideas and throws them into his songs, sometimes he will acknowledge it but sometimes he won’t”.

Sheeran appeared in the court trial on Monday with the evidence. The singer provided examples of times when he had to clear parts of his songs with lesser-known artists. 

“If Mr Sutcliffe would have done his research, he would have known he had cleared parts of songs with ‘lots’ of unknown composers”, added the singer. In 2021, Ed Sheeran was invited to perform at the Buccaneers-Cowboys match in Tampa for a kick off performance with his addictive soundtracks.