The “Worst blood Bath ever erupted in Ecuador’s jail.

On Wednesday, 116 people got killed, and 80 were injured in the “Worst Blood Bath” in  Ecuador jail. According to the reports received, 5 people who died were beheaded. The deadly incident forced the South American country to announce a state of emergency in prison.

On Tuesday, the massacre was unrolled at the  Litoral Penitentiary after a gang of international drug dealers tried to take hold of the facility.

President Guillermo Lasso announced the state of emergency. He granted federal powers including police and soldiers’ installations inside the prison.

The gang war that erupted was “bad and sad,” he said and said, “It is regrettable that the prisons are being turned into territories for power disputes by criminal gangs. I ask God to bless Ecuador and that we can avoid more loss of human life.”

It is yet to be discovered that the authorities of the jail system had gained their control back. The president said he would be acting with utter firmness to capture the control back in officials’ hands.

After this incident, the president promised to invest additional funds in the security of the prison. He further declared that the family of inmates would receive full support.

Moreover, a plan worth $24 million will be sped up for the infrastructure and technology inside the Litoral facility – President Lasso promised.

On Tuesday, the statement received from Regional Police Commander Fausto Buenaño said the visuals captured from the Pavillion 9 and 10 demonstrated a petrifying battle-field like the situation with dead bodies piled up on each other. The rivals of the gang came with knives, bombs, and guns.

Authorities found some bodies in the prison’s pipelines – says the officials.

The prisoner’s family members were seen crying outside the prison morgue as they explained their loved ones’ dead body was found dismembered and headless.

It is not surprising that the prison war erupted in Ecuador. Before this one, three prison fights occurred in the prison that resulted in a mass bloodbath. However, this one is the deadliest so far.

Ecuadorian leaders criticized and condemned the Federal administration for their negligence for such incidents that happened in the past as well

 and taking no measures.

Ecuador’s National Rehabilitation Council’s former President, Ledy Zuniga, said, “In the history of the country, there has not been an incident similar or close to this one,”