Almost 600 plus earthquakes in California have devastated the natives living near the border. The intensity recorded over the weekend with the Richter scale touched 5.3 magnitudes.

According to the US Geological Survey, the California-Mexico rural suburb was shaken by over 600 earthquakes, rocking to the Salton Sea touching the shores of southern California.

Randy Baldwin, a Geophysicist stated that 603 tremors were recorded by the Richter scale in the area from Saturday till Sunday sunrise.

The exact origin of the multiple earthquakes was near Calipatria, which lies near the San Andreas fault line and was about 30 miles to the north of the Mexican border. It is a small town that is about 140 miles eastward from San Diego.

The US Geological Survey seismologist Paul Caruso stated that the area where the tremors occurred is not densely populated and has been known to be swarmed with tremors in the past as well.  According to Randy Baldwin, 4 of the tremors ranged more than 4 magnitudes whereas 29 were more than 3.

According to the geology survey, almost 4 large earthquakes hit the region ranging from the magnitude of 3.9 to 5.9 back to back in the last few hours. Similar to the region, the Pacific Ocean near the coastal city of gold beach, Oregon was hit by 2 back to back earthquakes of 5.9 magnitude. The origin was the Pacific Ocean, almost 89 and 98 miles westward of the gold beach.

The seismic activity across California is widely known for bringing disastrous destruction in the past as almost most of the state lies in high hazard areas. The San Andreas fault line has been responsible in the past for some of the hugest and notable earthquakes in the past.

The earthquakes and the following tremors were recorded on the Richter scale but the nearby Orange county residents did not feel anything. They did not report any such tremors and continued with their normal routine.

The United States Geological Survey is monitoring the movements closely as the San Andreas fault line has all the potential to bring huge earthquakes.