Yemen rebels claimed the responsibility of launching a military drone attack on the capital of the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi. The suspected drone attack targeted a nearby industrial area near the airport which resulted in killing three people and injuring six others.

According to the Abu Dhabi police, two Indians and one Pakistani national were amongst the dead in the incident which is said to be conducted through drones.

Police stated that a drone struck three petroleum tanker trucks which exploded causing damage to the Abu Dhabi airport, especially the storage area used by the Abu Dhabi national oil company.

A separate minor fire erupted in close proximity where the tankers were struck by the drone strikes near the extension of Abu Dhabi international airport.

The Yemeni rebels were known as the Houthis often carry out drone attacks and are largely supported by Iran. The rebel group has previously carried out drone attacks quote a lot of time and has been a source of terror in the region.

Abu Dhabi police stated the preliminary investigations suggested detection of small minute flying objects which could possibly be parts falling from the drones. These small objects fell in two separate areas causing fire and immediate explosion. Apart from the damage to the tankers, separate damages were reported.

The United Arab Emirates has been at war with Yemen since 2015 all because of the Saudi-led coalition which created havoc amongst neighboring nations resulting in attacks against Iranian-backed Houthis.

UAE has recently decreased the number of soldiers and troops on the ground but continuously keeps on engaging in wars and spats in order to support the key militias which are fighting against the Yemeni rebels – Houthis.

The United Arab Emirates is also cooperating in close proximity with the United States of America to counter-terrorism operations within Yemen.

The drone attack happens when South Korean President Moon Jae-in is on a visit to the United Arab Emirates. The two countries are reportedly said to be reaching a deal of about $3.5 billion in exchange for surface-to-air missiles.