According to a recent development, people are coming in to help the ones who are in need of financial assistance, because of the coronavirus. This includes celebrities like Dr. Dre who showed up at the Feed Your City event in Compton.

2020 has been a tough year for many people and it has affected many people financially. In the first quarter of this year, the world was struck by a pandemic.

This turn of events can be regarded as the most significant time of the century. But this meant that humanity is going to be stronger than ever.

The entire humanity is in distress and among them are those people who are even struggling to find one good meal for the day. This is where the Feed Your City Event contributed a lot as it helped many people in this situation.

Dr. Dre, Tony Draper, and Ricky Davis are the real-life heroes for showing up at Compton and supporting this event financially. They were accompanied by the mayor of the city as well.

The reason for celebrity inclusion is to make sure that these kinds of events are financially viable. Moreover, it will be great for publicity as people will be more than willing to help with the cause.

The authenticity of such events is another reason to include big names. The time is hard for everyone and with Thanksgiving right across the corner, people need financial assistance more than ever.

This gesture of giving away free groceries will go a long way and it will hopefully set a trend in the entire country. This is the requirement of the time that humanity comes together to fight this fatal virus.

People were excited to be part of this cause and contributed generously to this event as it was held in various cities. The city administration made sure that the arrangements are apt to make this event a success.

The guidelines for the COVID-19 were strictly followed and this was all done under the supervision of the city’s administration. The mayor, Aja Brown, was happy to help the organizers of the event as she worries for the betterment of her citizens.