Chief health adviser of the United States of America Dr. Anthony Fauci is quite hopeful that the mask mandate for young children will not have any “lasting negative impact” on their mental health and overall well-being.

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had emphasized and recommended that all the unvaccinated kids from the age of 2 shall wear masks and the school attending students, especially the K-12 school, must wear masks at all times regardless of their vaccination status. This recommendation was made amidst the surging coronavirus cases across America because of the contagious delta strain.

The contagious delta variant has been concluded as extremely contagious and transmissible and unlike the prior waves of coronavirus, this time the pediatric wards and hospitals are getting overwhelmed with young patients and children affected by the said virus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in response to a question regarding the physical and developmental consequences children can face in the future due to long-term mask-wearing. It is an integral part of the basic education of young kids to learn the nonverbal forms of communication and if the faces are covered they might face problems in the future as well as become emotionless and robotic if they cannot administer particular expressions.

Fauci stated that it is the need of time to protect our future generations from the harrowing shadows of delta variants. This variant is totally different than the parent alpha variant. He stated that he is not denying the difficulties and problems everyone is facing at the moment in the hands of the ongoing pandemic, be it children or adults but right now the main goal is to stay protected and Alive!

Dr. Anthony Fauci concluded the discussion by stating that let’s keep an open mind regarding the negative impact on the wellbeing of the younger generation and hope that this disease is curtailed soon before it inputs lasting effects in children both mentally and physically.