A survey conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as the president, the image of the country globally has suffered a lot. Although the difference of opinion is common in politics, it appears that most people now consider Trump as an unreliable person.

The 13-nation survey identified that the image of the country among its partners is at its lowest in the last two decades. As many as 41% in the UK have a favorable opinion of the US while the percentage continues to decline in other nations. For instance, in France, it’s 31% and in Germany its around 26%. This has been the lowest and the researchers believe that how the US has handled the pandemic is the main reason behind this decline.

Surprisingly, many people who participated in the survey believe that China has handled the situation pretty well.

The global image of the country is merely a reflection of how Americans see Trump and his policies. He has indirectly supported white supremacy and got himself into controversy several times for his racist and sexist remarks.

However, this is not what his supporters think. They are of the view that Trump not only handled the pandemic pretty well but given the fact that the economy is on its way to recovery, they believe that no one could have done it better.