Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is due to start on Tuesday in the Senate. But he has no plans to testify. The former President is charged with allegations on account of instigating the crowd to attack the U.S Capitol Hill Building.

Five people died in the violence, including a police officer when Trump supporters charged into the Capitol Building, resulting in politicians and staff taking refuge inside their offices.

Trump’s lawyers have denied all such charges against him. They have claimed that the case documents show the riots to be pre-planned days before, which clearly indicates that Trump did not encourage the crowd to instigate the violence. They also concluded that Donald Trump is no longer in Office. He is a private citizen of the United States of America, therefore this whole trial is unconstitutional.

The lawyers described the trial as a political theatre arranged by the Democrats to take a jibe on a fellow Republican counterpart. This impeachment trial is not about seeking justice, rather it is a selfish attempt to seek revenge from a Republican and turn the attention of Americans from real problems.

On the other hand, the House impeachment managers – all Democrats – hold the point of view that the impeachment trial should be conducted, because the former President has betrayed the Americans, and has misused his power to cause carnage at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

The trial is set to begin with a debate and further proceedings will conclude after a vote out. The Senate needs at least a two-thirds majority to convict former President Donald Trump. It is expected that the actual footage of Trump’s speech and the riots would be shown during the impeachment trial.

If the former President is convicted after the second impeachment trial, he will no longer be eligible to run for the office again. He is eyeing the 2024 Presidential Elections to get back the Oval Office.