Trump has made sure that he is looking out for himself even when his presidency ends. In the recent Oval Office talks, Trump and his team allegedly discussed imposing martial law to reverse the election results.

It appears that he is also the least concerned person when it comes to the rising coronavirus cases in the country. And this has made him stand alone as his presidency is about to end next month with the crippling economy.

It is believed that it is the lowest a person can get to revert the decision made by the public. Joe Biden is going to take the presidency next month while Trump is still hopeful to overturn the decision.

This kind of meeting suggests that Trump is only looking out for himself and does not care about the bigger cause. He has little regard for the economy, which has been completely destroyed by the 2nd wave of the coronavirus.

There are over 12 million Americans who are facing joblessness right now and are about to lose their benefits. Donald Trump is also not seen forcing Congress to come up with a decision about the relief fund in this regard.

Trump is supposed to be a guardian of democracy, but his talks of imposing a martial law indicate otherwise. Even the thought of derailing the democracy coming from a president of the United States is appalling.

He is trying everything in his power to stop Joe Biden from taking the Oval Office in the January 2021. He has gone as far as raising $170 million for his political operation to fight his cases in the courts.

Trump is least concerned about the people when it comes to the emergency stimuli bill. While he is busy with his campaigns against Biden, Democrats and Republicans are not getting on one page.

It would have been a good time for Trump to come up with a decision to resolve the issue with the emergency stimulus bill. But all his efforts and energy are going to the cases, which he has lost in all of the states.

Even his supporters are looking up to Donald Trump to be the bigger person here and look out for the people. His strategies against Biden can end up his career in politics as he is not getting enough support by the people around him.