Ever since the start of the pandemic, the world has been hopelessly looking for a vaccine. Almost 6 months into the lockdown period many people are hoping for a miracle. 

President Donald Trump is also one of those people, frantically looking for a vaccine. Due to the global pandemic, most countries are trying to race to be the first ones that have a fully functioning vaccine. Whatever country finds the vaccine first will be at an advantage of billions of dollars as being the first movers in the market. 

Trump has predicted various breakthrough vaccines in the past months. He has even announced to the country, that as soon as the vaccine is released, he will be deploying his army to provide the vaccine to every corner. An estimated count of vaccines that he has presented until now has been about 250 million or even 500 million vaccines readily available

He has stated several times that he is very close to obtaining the first vaccine. Trump’s chances in the elections through polls are cutting short, but if he can get the vaccine it would ensure his tenure as President. 

Trump has announced that a total of 29 prototype vaccines will be coming up to the United States on the 3rd of November that is exactly Election Day. He is giving people exactly what they want to hear. In attempts to boost up his campaign, he is trying very hard to gain the voter’s confidence. 

According to a former surgeon, Dr. Vivek Murthy that speeding up the process of trial and enforcing the vaccine can have devastating effects. If the process is rushed, then an incomplete vaccine can be released in the market that may cause more harm than benefit. Murthy expressed his sentiments in an interview with CNN on Thursday. 

On more surveys conducted from the American people, most people even denied using the vaccine if they felt like the vaccine was not completely tested.