NORTH PORT, FLORIDA: Dog the Bounty Detective went to Brian Laundrie’s folks’ doorstep this Saturday but was greeted by quietness, yet he’d immediately scooped up a whiff.

“The reason I went to Mr. [Christopher] Laundrie is that I have a reputation,” he subsequently informed Fox News Digital. “He offers you a golden chance,’ says the legend. He’ll catch you, but he’ll give you another opportunity.'”

Duane Chapman, the popular TV personality and famous bounty hunter has been the parent of 13 children as well as lost his child about Gabby Petito’s age in a vehicle crash in 2006.

He went on his honeymoon in Florida alongside his wife Francie Chapman when individuals began contacting him about Laundrie’s abduction, he claimed.

“I understand how the sufferers feel,” he added.

Gabby Petito’s family and adoptive parents dedicated Saturday arranging for her burial on Sunday, just after 7 days her body was recovered at a campground she lived with Laundrie during late August.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is assisting in the manhunt for Brian Laundrie near North Port, Florida. Laundrie’s family declared him missing on Friday, September 17, after 3 days without seeing him.

Gabby Petito, Laundrie’s fiancée, was found on Sept. 19 somewhere at Spread Creek communal camping area north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, after an FBI-led hunt.

Laundrie has been identified as a prime suspect in her death and is also the victim of a federal investigation for suspected debit card theft, forcing Chapman to carry a court order for him this Saturday.

“There were a lot of demands for me to be a part of this,” Chapman remarked. “For 45 years, this is what I’ve done for a profession.”

Many independent specialists say they do not really think Laundrie could live in a marshy area near his house, where a search is ongoing.

Living in the swamps would be challenging enough, but thermal imaging equipment employed by police enforcement make escaping arrest considerably more difficult, according to Chapman.

Chapman, who already has his personal hotline number (833-TELL-DOG), claimed he gets a call within every 2 or 3 minutes. Francie Chapman, his spouse, hovered a few steps away, taking a constant line of calls.