Donald Trump got s**t on his Walk of Fame Star. The culprit is revealed. 

Today, on Sept 18, the news outlet TMZ revealed something strange, someone un-loaded himself/herself on the Trump star on Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame. Even though it is not vandalism, it seems like it has violated LA Pooper Scooper Ordinance. However, we got to know something more. 


Well, TMZ brought the case. An 18 month old Axl, who was rescued by his owner, while passing over the walk of fame stars, Hollywood Boulevard, couldn’t resist as nature called, so he took out a bulk of poop on Trump’s star. Instead of picking that up, his owner, James Hawkins, decided to keep it there as he liked to decorate the star like that. 

The dog’s owner said he placed his dog’s poop on 45 other stars, took a picture of it as a piece of memory, collected it back in the bag, and left the scene.

James Hawkin is a photographer who was in the city for a project. He calls himself a Democrat and doesn’t consider himself quite a fan of Donald Trump. In fact, he thinks “Trump is a piece of S***. Therefore, he decided to decorate his star with poop. 

For those who are concerned, James Hawkins did not violate the Pooper Scooper Ordinance as he collected the excrement in a bag shortly after that.

Axl is relaxing in LA while James Hawkin, his owner, was skateboarding by the beach on Friday. So, they are having a fun vacation time.