Imposing a curfew can help to curtail the novel coronavirus. Curfews help in reducing the non-essential gatherings and interactions among the people outside their homes. This practice helps in reducing the transmission of the disease from one another.

A curfew forces the people to stay at home thereby minimizing the social interaction resulting in a drastic reduction of chances of catching the virus.

The curfew is imposed to combat the extraordinary situation. This extreme measure is taken to reduce the spread of the pandemic and protect the lives of the common public. Curfew imposition also leads to protecting individuals from getting exposed to the danger of catching the virus.

Practicing social distancing, keeping the face and hands clean, wearing masks, and other precautions, all should be followed to make the curfew imposition successful. Once the curfew is in place,  the large events are canceled out.

The debate is: how can a curfew aid in reducing the virus spread when it is imposed for a few hours only instead of the whole day. To answer this question, we studied different patterns of data that were gathered from the areas where the night curfew was imposed, thus forcing the general public to follow the SOPs in the daytime. Together these reforms led to a decline in the number of coronavirus cases.

Imposing the curfew is one of the options to tackle the COVID-19. The curfew also entails the closure of shops, and people are only permitted to leave their homes in extreme emergency situations which results in abiding by the rules and keeping the shopping expeditions at bay. The curfew is supposed to curb down the activities which yearn higher risk of spreading the coronavirus, for instance, drinking and eating at restaurants. When these activities are limited, the number of COVID-19 cases automatically declines. This was observed during the Christmas holidays and Thanksgiving Day when the curfew was imposed for a certain time period during the day to minimize the non-essential gatherings.

The only bad aspect of curfew is that the businesses which depend largely upon nightlife activities are affected severely, but these short-term measures must be taken to gain long term results in eradicating the coronavirus completely.