Many of us don’t know as to where does the US Vice President lives after assuming power. Kamala Harris has been allocated the home, known as Number One Observatory Circle, two miles from the White House.

This house is surrounded by many embassies, but it is still secluded from other homes or embassies in the area. This house remains under constant surveillance, and it is believed to be the safest home after the White House in Washington DC.

This house dates back to 1893 and was designed by a Washington architect Deez. It is a 9000 square feet property, that stands on 70 acres of land.

This house was not believed to be viable for the Vice President of America but instead the US naval Observatory Superintendent.

Kamala Harris is going to make the most out of this home, but she will wait before moving into the house with her husband.

It is hard to believe that the second most powerful person in the United States was not given any designated residence.

The construction on the Number One Observatory Circle is believed to be a temporary residence for the Vice President.

Kamala Harris is the first-ever Vice President of Asian descent. Her tenure will be keenly observed by the people who want her to make substantial progress in the position.