On Thursday night, Steve Rifkind, Manager of the popular Rapper DMX took to social media saying that the 50-year-old actor and songwriter was on life support and alive. He further pleaded, “Please stop with posting with these rumors” in his video posted to Instagram. Moreover, he added that the family of the concerned will be releasing a statement on Friday.

The Hip Hop star, with his real name being Earl Simmons, suffered a drug overdose on Friday at 11 PM; which also triggered a heart attack.  DMX is currently at White Plains Hospital in the critical care unit and on life support. The artist has long been into a battle with his drug addiction and was last checked into rehab in October 2019.  The rapper had earlier told that his addiction problems began at 14 when he was tricked into taking some by his mentor.

DMX’s Manager takes on Social Media; Says the Rapper is Alive and On Life Support

According to him, he looked up to his mentor as a source of inspiration and loved him like a brother. They had a great understanding; one where “he would rap and I would play the beatbox” said DMX on his podcast. However, this relationship soon reached a roadblock when his mentor tricked him into taking drugs. He spoke about how he had battled with drug addiction for years and this precarious experience was nothing less than a horror story itself.

When voicing out his experience, DMX revealed that he couldn’t fathom why his mentor- who supposedly loved him would go to such an extent to destroy the entirety of his being. He affirmed that what happened with him was not just a disturbing experience, but it was also a clear indication of the fact that not all people in this world are truly genuine.

DMX’s Manager takes on Social Media; Says the Rapper is Alive and On Life Support Earlier on Sunday, the family released a statement that the artist was “facing serious health issues” and pleaded with everyone to “keep Earl/DMX and us in your thoughts, wishes, and prayers as well as respect our privacy as we face these challenges.”