Former Disney stars Aly & AJ revealed that their father Mark Michalka was hospitalized after contracting pneumonia and COVID-19.

‘Reminder to watch your loved ones this holiday season. Our father was not feeling well and we were alarmed after hearing a voicemail message from him, “the pop duo – which has 1.8 million subscribers on social networks – tweeted.

“Immediately I dropped everything and drove to his house. Long story short, he has COVID-19 and pneumonia. He is currently being treated in a hospital.

Aly & AJ born as Amanda Joy Michalka and Alyson Renae Michalka stated that this sudden ailment of their father hit them really hard and they are trying to come to terms with it.

The pop duo stated: “Our dad was not feeling well and we were alarmed after hearing a voicemail message from him. Immediately everything dropped and drove to his house. In short, he has COVID and pneumonia. He is being treated in a hospital now”.

“As we get older, it is our turn to take care of our parents when they do not want / cannot take care of themselves”, the devout Christians tweeted.

“Often they want to hide their suffering from us because they think it is a burden when in reality it is our duty to intervene.”

As the winter season intensifies it is reported that the omicron variant will become the most dominant across the United States of America. According to reports “COVID cases could reach 1 million cases per day, even before the end of the year.”

According to John Hopkins University “An estimated 8.8 million doses of the vaccine have been administered worldwide, but there have been 5.3 million deaths since 2020”.

30-years-old AJ will be next seen opposite Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight in Donovan: The Movie which is scheduled to premiere on 14th January 2022 on Showtime.