Celebrities get in trouble for their notorious lifestyles all the time. In recent events, Dillon Passage became the celebrity to catch the eye of the camera.

He was drunk driving after leaving a party late at night at around 3 AM. He was being examined by the local cops who pulled him over.

Drunk-driving cases are common after midnights and this is causing trouble for the local community. This is the reason that the cops take this matter seriously.

Dillon is a regular drinker and he has often been asked by his partner the ‘Tiger King’ to leave this bad habit. Joe Exotic said that he loves his partner and that he would give anything up for him to be out of trouble.

All these statements given by Exotic when he suffers from imprisonment himself seems a little odd to ears. He was accused of putting a bounty hunt for Carole Baskin.

She actively pursues people like Dillon and Joe who keep Big Cats like Tigers, Lions, in captivity. This is the reason that she was at Joe’s target for many years.

Although this case had nothing to do with the drunk-driving case of Dillon, it showed a pattern of how the entire situation can be pinned to the pattern shown by Dillon over the past years.

They both got married in 2017 and since then they have been living together. Joe has asked for pardon from the president directly on multiple occasions but nothing has been done so far.

The drunk-driving case was registered against Dillon and he is behind bars for this kind of behavior. Driving while intoxicated can be harmful to one and the people around them as well.

DWI has taken many American lives in the past and the efforts being made by the local authorities to stop it are praiseworthy. No person is above the law and any person seen violating the rules will be fined or punished accordingly.