The longtime couple Chloe Bridges and Adam Devine finally tied a knot!

On Sat, Oct 9, the couple got married -According to the sources, the event took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Erik Griffin, who featured alongside the newly married Adam Devine in Workaholics, broke the news on Sunday, October 10.

Griffin, 45, posted a picture with the hottest couple with the caption saying, “Dem Boyz! Devine is off the market! Such an awesome wedding!”

Adam Ray also shares a series of photos captured at the wedding reception of Bridges and Devine. He captioned, “All the love. All the laughs, CONGRATS Chloe & Adam.”

Among the series of pictures, one showed Adam Ray studying, and the caption says, “@AdamRayComedy getting ready to officiate @adamdevine wedding.”

2014 was the turning point for Devine and Bridges, as they met the same year on a flight to shoot The Final Girls.

The couple’s compatibility and“undeniable chemistry made them fall for each other. Soon after they started dating, the couple broke the news of engagement in 2019.

In an exclusive interview in 2020 with US Weekly, the Carrie Diaries star said, “I knew that I liked him, and we just seemed kind of incapable of staying apart from each other,” she further told everything in detail, saying, “The moment I knew he was The One was actually during a disagreement we had early in our relationship. He said something along the lines of, ‘We got to figure it out because breaking up is not an option.’ I was like, ‘Wow, I really respect that.’ I think that’s an attitude he got from his parents’ successful marriage. No matter what happens, you stick it out. You figure it out.”

The couple had to postpone their wedding when the covid was surging as they both had contracted the virus amidst the wedding planning.

The Pretty Little Liars posted a picture in January and captioned it as “Back at the beginning of October I posted that we had finally locked down a wedding venue and a date and were pretty proud of ourselves…. But since then, that venue has canceled all 2021 events, so it’s back to the drawing board! Is planning a wedding during a pandemic a lost cause? Possibly! But we’re still plugging away — masked up and came to Mexico to start planning something smaller, later, more margarita-full, and (God willing) post- covid-free vaccines.”

At the beginning of this month, the star of the show Freddie revealed, “Were we crazy for trying to plan a wedding during a global pandemic?? Probably, yeah, cause many, many things went wrong, including but not limited to us both getting breakthrough covid,”

On Oct, 4, she said on Instagram, “But we gave it our best shot and it’s almost here and it seems like it’s actually going to pan out!! Consider this dump of the wedding dresses I almost-chose-but-didn’t to be your warning that this is going to be a very wedding-heavy account for the next two weeks.”