The international Hamid Karzai airport of Kabul witnessed some graphic moments where shots were fired and stampedes took place while the desperate Afghanis attempted to flee from the besieged capital of Afghanistan as the Taliban announced the takeover of the country.

According to the witnesses, as many as 5 people died on the tarmac – the reason is still unknown whether they succumbed to death by the fire shots by American troops or the stampede.

The situation worsened on Sunday after the victory declaration of the Taliban and the fleeing of President Ashraf Ghani as the government collapsed like it had been a wall made of cotton.

The fall of Kabul declared the end of the US-led coalition in the country for almost 2 decades. Kabul was the last to fall into the hands of the Taliban. The world was shocked and astonished to see how fast the Taliban conquered the land of Afghanistan from the Afghani forces which had been trained and supported by the US military troops over 20 years.

Power seizure by the Taliban witnessed utter chaos and confusion across the country, especially the capital. Many people gathered at the airport in an attempt to leave the country. The crowd went out of control when a rumor spread that passengers without visas were being allowed on the aircraft.

The US forces were compelled to fire in the air to disperse the ruling crowd who were forcing their way into the planes.

Videos can be seen of people clinging on a U.S forces plane while it is being taxied on the runway. US troops have taken control of Kabul airport as it is evacuating only its citizens out of the war-torn country. It is reported that 6000 American troops are at the Kabul airport to assist in the safe evacuation of its citizens and diplomats.

Official US government statement released stated

“thousands of American citizens, local embassy staff and their families, as well as other vulnerable Afghan nationals, will be airlifted in the coming days”

Another video showed people falling from a plane that had taken off. As many as three people died after falling from the plane. A Taliban spokesperson stated that they are here to spread peace and all those people who will be returning home from the airport will be assured safe return.

Almost 60 countries have issued a joint statement including the US and the UK that

“the Afghan people deserve to live in safety, security, and dignity, and that security and civil order should be immediately restored.”

On the other hand, this has been one of the lowest points of the Biden presidency as he is getting criticized for his decision to call back the American troops and a defeat in the Afghan war. President Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw the US troops from Afghan soil by stating

“it was getting hard to justify an endless American presence in the middle of another country’s civil conflict.”

The chaos will increase, the desperation of people will result in panic and more chaos as people of Afghanistan believe that they have been pushed back to the pre-American presence era when the Taliban used to rule the country and they solely blame the Americans for this heinous trust break which has caused harrowing shadows of uncertainty over their future.