Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida declared that the number of Covid cases recorded in his state is much lower than that of other states who adopted stringent lockdown policies.

While in Press Conference along with the president, DeSantis backlashed towards the disagreement he had received from the state regarding the lockdown policies.

DeSantis continued to compare the strict actions taken by the other states in their attempt to control the covid cases and still managed to have more cases reported than Florida.

DeSantis cleared himself that he didn’t mean to refute the other states, he just means to address the fact that according to the media predictions Florida was supposed to have as many cases as New York but that didn’t happen.

He further explained that despite having a vast state where diversity prevails, they took calculated measures and the strategy helped them to keep the covid cases far below what had been originally projected. In turn, it also didn’t hinder much of the state’s economy.

In one instance, while the people were asked to stay in their homes, DeSantis had all the road constructions going on.

The governor remembered that during the pandemic he also faced a lot of difficulties, however, faced them with great zeal. DeSantis has relaxed the prohibitions on visiting public places and notes that in the upcoming days he plans to relax some of the restrictions.

DeSantis stated part of the solution from Florida was to trace interaction early and to work on targeted places to minimize the virus from spreading. He said the department will continue to work on communities that are suspected to be infected as the state continues on the journey to recovery.

Despite this, a new report conducted today by Quinnipiac University has shown that inhabitants of Florida aren’t prepared to loosen the restrictions of lockdown.

By a range of 72-22%, as per the survey, the state needs not to relax the laws of social isolation. The social gap regulations should remain in effect the coming month is 90% among the Democrats, 69% among independents, and even 55% among Republicans.