For starters, you have to understand the basis of these words in the right context. Democrats and Republicans are two separate parties in the United States, vouching for different sets of rights. The Republicans are generally considered a conservative side of the political system. They support the conservative mindset in an objective sense.

On the other hand, is the Democrat party. A layman’s perspective would construe this as the kind of people who are more for the Democratic system of the country. However, that isn’t entirely the case as both parties are working towards a Democratic system in different ways. Democrat vs Republican has been an argument for the ages.

Let’s Start with Understand Government and Its Role

For a layman to understand what exactly we are talking about, you first have to know the idea of where this concept originated from. Most normal people don’t even understand what the government is and what its function is. The government is a political body that consists of officials from different parts of the world.

Generally, these officials will be appointed from between these two parties, whichever one shows more promise and is voted for the most. The party that the majority has voted for; represents an opinion that is widely accepted within the general public.

These government officials are then divided into multiple subcategories to run different institutes within the political body. Many rely on these officials to make decisions for them and the decisions should be a slightly accurate depiction of what the people want.

Otherwise, the value of the government body doesn’t exist and in dire cases, this may even cause riots and chaos within everyday life.

The government is quite important because it works in contrast with the monarchy. It is a representation of the purest form of democracy because of the separation of powers that exists within the country.

Separation of powers means that no one institute should have too much concentration of power. So much, so that every aspect of governance is divided amongst different institutes to make sure that one group does not have enough power to make decisions on behalf of the entire population.

The division of power and officials that help maintain this division of power is why the world will never return to a dictatorship. A government is important in any democracy because of the fact that you need some learned and well-versed people to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

A good example to explain this to other people would be the fact that we all pay a little bit of money to the government in return for the fact that the government will provide people with the pre-requisites of basic human needs.

The way this money will be further utilized is decided by the government to make sure that the money is not going into the wrong hands. The government will also make sure that everyone is getting what they are paying for in exchange for this money. This money is called taxes.

The Government: Democrats vs Republicans

When it comes to the government and the separate parties, you have to understand what each party is going for. The kind of objectives that they have and the gentry that supports them make quite a difference in terms of the choice that you should be making.

When the government is in control of the Republican party, they are more likely to focus on community building. They put emphasis on the fact that the people around you should be building you up and providing for you if there is some basic need that you are lacking.

However, when you are referring to the Democrats, they focus more on government provisions. They prefer that the government will be providing every necessity that people need in order for surviving. They believe in accountability and the fact that the responsibility should not be lying in the hands of the common people.

Instead, it should be with the people who are in control of the taxes that the common people are paying. They, too, believe in the sense of community, but at the end of the day, they think that the government has been appointed and voted for, for a reason.

The Democrats focus on a more structural perspective rather than a community-based effort. This is in the sense that they will lay precedent on making laws and adjudication rather than social efforts that may easily fall short and won’t exactly create long-term changes for the people that seem to be in need.

Democrats believe that systematic change is quite necessary for there to be prospective changes in the near future. They believe that making change at the top of the hierarchy is extremely important for society to move forward in a more positive manner.

In a sense, the Republicans believe the same thing, but they believe in the active efforts of the community along with the government. They believe that laying such heavy responsibility on one institution is unfair and that social welfare plays a very important part in the progress of society as a whole.

Oftentimes, this is misconstrued as them not wanting to hold the government accountable in any way. This is not entirely the case. However, they do agree with the belief that the government should not be giving working-class people extra special treatment just because they happen to be less fortunate.

This is also often the belief amongst the upper-middle-class people because they look at paying taxes as giving free money to people who aren’t exactly working for it. In the grand scheme of things, it does make sense to them, because they see it as teaching a man how to fish instead of giving the man a fish all his life.

However, Democrats have the belief that in order for the man to fish, he has to have the pre-requisite instruments which not everyone has and they tend to fall short of the people that are ultimately successful.

History of Democrats vs Republicans

In order to understand the concept of the system of the party, you have to have some knowledge of the history.

The Republican party was formed as a reaction to the Democrats because the people felt that their needs were not being met. It was formed under the Kansas-Nebraska act which is known for its role in getting rid of the Missouri compromise.

This was a result of the tension of the nation when it comes to slavery. Some of the most iconic presidents of the United States have come from the Republican party, namely, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan.

The greatest achievement of the Republican party is the abolition of slavery, in the form of the 13th amendment of the US constitution and the triumph of the union in the US civil war. Some of the peaks of the US economy were during the Republican presidency.

The Democratic party was founded by the supporters of Andrew Jackson. It happens to be one of the oldest parties, found in 1888. Democrats also stood for libertarian values, mainly state sovereignty and limitations in regards to the government. Iconic presidents that rose from the Democratic party are Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

The new deal in the 1930s was the biggest achievement of the Democratic party, which was a remedy for the Great Depression. Both world wars were won under the Democratic presidents. The Iconic civil rights of acts in 1860 which ensured voting rights for African Americans and ended segregation, was also under the Democrats.

Two-Party System

 The United States follows this system. This is more to do with theory than with any actual structure which is followed by the US. This is an unofficial system of governance where two distinct parties exist to represent two separate ideologies, namely the divide between the right-wing and the left-wing.

This isn’t a general rule, rather it’s more to do with people and the way that they function in their country. For example, in the UK, they have the Tori party which is the conservative party, and the labor party which is more left-wing.

This is the case because the power struggle usually exists between the two dominant parties of any country, and the two main ideologies in any country are more or less restricted to conservatives and liberals, where the tussle exists between tradition and modernity.

Religion and Beliefs of the Two Parties

Since religion plays a huge role in the American government, what opinion either party has in terms of religion is quite important. The basic idea of Republicans is that laws that are made should be heavily based on the holy books. Since Christianity is considered the dominant religion in the state, the laws should be a derivation of the way Christianity functions.

They see it as a persuasive precedent for any future laws that will be made because of their beliefs. Most of the Republican party’s strongholds exist in the “Bible Belt” which is in the area of the South, this makes them more prone to be traditionalists.

Democrats on the other hand are less deterministic in terms of the kind of precedent there should be for the laws in the United States. Their focus is more on human rights and basic necessities and they believe that religion is less important to consider when making laws that concern a diverse group of people. Which is the case in the States.

Furthermore, they have strong beliefs in terms of gay rights and abortion rights which is in the favor of the people rather than of religion. Republicans tend to be the opposite of this because of their outlook in terms of religion.

Since the Democratic party’s strongholds exist in the metropolitan areas and urban land, they are more likely to lean towards more liberal ideas than identifying with religious conservatism.

Beliefs for Running Business

This is also an aspect of checks and balances that the two parties are divided between. The conservative party which is the Republicans technically believes that the businesses that are the economic standing of society shouldn’t have any restrictions as to the way that they work. They believe that the more leniency businesses will have, the more likely it is that there will be job opportunities for everyone.

They also believe that if businesses are being greedy in a sense, their customers should be the ones dealing with them, rather than the government intervening with private property and privatized businesses. They believe that this will boost morale at the end of the day and allow people to make more money if they have expertise in a certain area, out of raw talent. Which in turn will help boost the economy of the United States.

On the other hand, we have the Democratic party which believes in government intervention if they feel that some businesses are working unfairly. Also, consumers aren’t strong enough to have an impact on the supposed injustice. In this case, the government should play a strong role in defining the boundaries of how a business should function

However, in both cases, it is important to understand that not every single member of that party will agree with a certain stereotype that may be aligned with them. As there are people out there that may be staunch capitalists and part of the Democratic party and complete socialists who may associate themselves with the Republican party.

This nuance has often been brought up when talking about the Democrat vs Republican debate.

The debate over the Subject of Legal Basis

The general belief of the Republicans regarding courtrooms is that the people that are making the decisions should rely on the fact that the founding fathers formed the constitution for a reason and that piece of the document should be followed in any case. Oftentimes, this is because of the lack of faith.

However, if you consider the democratic party, they tend to rely on the decision-making skills of the judges that have been appointed. Usually, the Supreme Court Justice will be appointed by the president and in the truest form of democracy, the man that has been voted in by the majority should be making these decisions as they see fit.

There are merits to both arguments and will further help in a layman deciding, what exactly they align themselves with and what they consider to be pointless. Doing your own research and deciding for yourself is perfect in the Democrat vs Republican debate.

Different Perspectives for Military

The general public of either party is divided upon this as well. One side believes that the military exists for a reason and them doing their job should not be an issue. They would want to support anti-war propaganda to the best of their abilities, but they believe in the concept of cure rather than prevention. This is the Republican party.

They are aligned with the fact that the military should do whatever they need to, to protect the land and the country without causing much bloodshed at the hands of each other.

On the other hand, the Democratic party believes this as well, but they have a different outlook on all of it. This means that they would rather believe that the US should focus on improving international relations with other countries instead of creating hostility. Also, it should prevent any such situation from occurring in the first place.

Guidelines to Decide Which Party is Right

Granted that this information can be helpful, you have to keep in mind that some of these ideas may be borne out of stereotypes and other such ideologies against one party. In essence, the Republican party is a libertarian party and the people who side with it may be because of the basis and origin of it.

Each side has their reason supporting the party that they support and the Democrat vs Republican debate has truly been going on forever.

When you tell your child, remember to leave out the controversy and give them a fresh slate to work with. When they start showing signs of what to pick, allow them to make the decision that they want even if you think it goes against your beliefs.

Sooner or later, they are bound to find out about all the animosity and the drama that surrounds both parties. If they find out on their own, they will have more to work with.

It Sums Up

You simply can’t choose for your kids and force them to make a decision that is aligned with you. That would be an example of indoctrination which just leads to fascism. What you can do is teach them the basic idea of each party.

Afterward, let them make a decision on their own based on what they think is right or good for society as a whole. Teaching them the right opinions that they should be making could be harmful to their decision-making tactics in the future.

Keep them well-informed but also give them space to grow.

Parents who hinder their child’s perspectives regarding their political opinions are creating a follower rather than a good citizen of society who is broad-minded and thinks for themselves rather than acting like sheep and following other people.