If you thought coronavirus restrictions couldn’t get any worse, think again. A state in the US is currently following the most extreme lockdowns since the beginning of the pandemic.

The recent order announced by Gov. Tim Walz has become the most drastic lockdown mandate in all of America. On Wednesday, the Democrat governor of Minnesota set forth a 4-week-ban on all forms of social gathering.

As obnoxious as it sounds, Minnesota inhabitants are now facing restrictions to invite people into their private residences. People have been strictly advised not to invite or host guests.

It gets worse, in the lengthy executive order, Walz prohibited residents from interacting with people at both private and public gatherings. The governor went as far as to penalize non-compliance with 90 days in prison.

The brutal ordinance has banned birthday parties, weddings, post-church meals, and even funerals. Waltz defined ‘social gatherings’ as groups of people (not members of the same household) assemble for any coordinated purpose, even if SOPs can be maintained.

However, as expected, the immense backlash led Walz to exclude the restraint on funerals and religious services from the order.

Nonetheless, he urged people to keep these events open to the lowest number of people possible. He added that such gatherings greatly increase the risk of exposure to the virus, thus one should opt for virtual services instead.

Minnesotans are still being discouraged from going to church due to the ongoing riots in Minneapolis by leftists. All youth sports have been temporarily halted, though college and professional teams have been exempted on the condition that they follow state guidelines.

The new guidelines have ordered the immediate closedown of restaurants, bowling alleys, cinemas, etc. Many perceive the new order as an attack on individual liberty, but Walz emphasizes that it is for the good of the people.

He urged Minnesota residents to support him and to concede to his new executive order for their own health and safety. He went on to say that measures taken right now will impact the lives of health workers, teachers, neighboring states, and thousands of other people.

These 4 weeks could be crucial in flattening the curve. So as hard as it sounds, spend thanksgiving and Christmas at home, practice social distancing, and take care of yourself.