The newly detected Delta variant has started to worry the health officials across America. The variant which was first detected in India is spreading rapidly in the country and up to 6% of the new covid-19 cases are because of the delta virus strain.

The strain which initially was termed as Indian variant has started to take a dominant position in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The variant has traveled to as many as sixty countries up till now. Investigation showed that it can spread more rapidly compared to the parent strain and it poses a much greater threat as well. The hospitalization risk of the infected doubles if one is infected by the delta strain.

President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in an official White House briefing that the newly detected delta variant has appeared to be spreading much faster than the original or the other mutated strains.  He further stated that two doses of AstraZeneca and Pfizer have been proved to be effective against this new strain compared to the other vaccines readily available in the country. He further concluded that one dose does not provide the needed protectiveness against the new strain.

The two doses of the Pfizer vaccine were almost 88% effective against the delta variant while the single dose was only 33% against it.

The delta virus strain has become the most transmissible variant defeating the original B.1.1.7 strain known as the UK strain.

Fauci emphasized to not follow the suit of the United Kingdom. He stressed completing the vaccination process to combat this new variant along with the other mutated variants which keep on emerging now and then around the world.

As per the information, a new virus strain has been detected in Vietnam which is said to be a mutation between the UK and the Indian strain. It is considered to be highly transmissible and is spreading very fast in Vietnam which has been a country that countered the covid-19 cases well with its tough and strict policies.

President Biden urged the nation to get themselves vaccinated to protect themselves from this deadly disease as well as the newly detected delta variant.

The CEO of NRx and a professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine; Dr. Jonathan Javitt reportedly said that the delta variant is one of the several instances which will be mutated from time to time to reduce the vaccine-induced protection. This can be life-threatening if ignored.

He stated that several boosters will be required later on after the initial vaccination protection is done to combat these newer versions of the covid-19 strain. It is very critical at the moment, to get the baseline level of vaccination done across the country otherwise the situation can start to get out of hand; yet again.

The CDC has currently put the delta variant from India under the interest column instead of the concern column which determines that the virus is still at bay and does not impose any huge danger to the Americans.

The health officials and the government continue to emphasize the importance of vaccination to attain herd immunity as well as make the virus and its newer versions less lethal.