Rodolfo Angel Pea, 23, was a psychology student from Texas, who dreamt of one day joining the U.S. Border Patrolling agent or exploring the possibilities that his good looks and charm would open up for him.

He and a group of pals travelled from Laredo to Houston on Friday to see Travis Scott perform at the Astroworld Festival in Houston. When he died on Saturday, his family had already begun making funeral plans for him.

Eight people were killed Friday night as hundreds of concertgoers rushed the stage to see Scott, overpowering security and causing a chaotic nightmare.

That’s all the information Guadalupe Pea’s family has been given, according to his elder brother.

25 individuals have been taken to the hospital and 13 remain in critical condition, according to Sylvester Turner, the Houston Mayor, on Saturday. An official has confirmed that a 10 years old child is in a coma. Many more people were injured as well. More than a dozen people, including Pea, had cardiac arrest.

There were 14 to 27 people killed, Turner said. There was no way to tell the age of one individual. According to Turner, six of the eight people who died in the tragedy had their families contacted, but he refused to say who they were. According to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, autopsies will be done before the victims’ bodies are delivered to their families.

In the lobby of a hotel in Houston on Saturday, Guadalupe Pea recounted the events of his brother’s life while his mother walked by, crying sporadically.

“His mother is the one who’s going through the most,” he remarked.

A great performer at Nixon High School in Laredo, Rodolfo Angel Pea was in his last year in college, he claimed. He was pursuing a degree in psychology in the hopes of landing a well-paying position with the Border Patrol or CBP. He was also a chiropractor, which he did in his spare time.

According to Eduardo Pea, his other brother, he was well-known and adored throughout Laredo. He said, “Everyone knew him.”

Guadalupe Pea reported that Rodolfo Angel Pea was a fashionista and a fan of dance. He also had a passion for music. His first Travis Scott concert occurred at the Astroworld Festival in 2019, he claimed.

The funeral was to be held in Laredo, Texas, by his family. Guadalupe Pea stated there were still many unanswered issues concerning his brother’s death.