Damascus faces a deadly blast on an Amry bus on Wednesday, killing 14 people. As per the news outlets, it is the deadliest blast the capital has seen in years. While in Idlib, the army shelling killed 11 residents – said the rescue workers.

On, Wednesday, Sana News Agency reported, the military bus was carrying two explosives that blew up when the bus was passing Jisr al-Rais bridge in the morning during the rush hours.

Even though the capital has been involved in civil wars for a decade now, today’s bombing in the state is rare.

Since March 2020, after the Damascus bomb blast killed 14, the rebel-held state, Ariha saw the biggest death rate killing 11 people – said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Among the 11 people, four were children and a woman while 20 were reportedly injured – updated the Syria Civil Defence, often called White Helmets.

“We woke up to the bombardment. The children were terrified and were screaming,” said a father of two, Bilal Trissi lives in Ariha.

He told the AFP news, that “We didn’t know what to do or where to go and we didn’t see anything because of all the dust around us.”

Since 2011, when Bashar al-Assad became the president of the state, the jihadist group has been attempting to end his rule.

The long-going war has killed 350,000 civilians and caused half of the population to leave the country and shift abroad.

Before Wednesday’s bombing in Damascus, the 2017 suicide attack by the jihadist group Islamic State had killed 31 people.

As per the AFP news agency, the nearby fruitseller, Abu Ahmed said in a statement, “I was sleeping when I heard a strong explosion. I woke up and saw a bus on fire, which came to a halt after hitting the sidewalk,” he added, “I later heard the sound of a second explosion, but this one was not as strong as the first one.”

The bomb blast video showed the burnt remanents of the bus with smoke billowing out from the windows while the firefighters were extinguishing the fire.

 Maj Gen Hussein Juma, the commander of Damascus police, called the deadly blast a “cowardly act”.

Even though the attacker has not been identified yet, officials suspect IS for the attack as they were involved in another military attack that took place this year.