Last month a dead body was found in a vehicle’s trunk in the Washington State area that has now been identified to be Patricia Soto, a Seattle missing woman last seen on November 7. The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the news, identifying Soto, a 41-year-old woman who was reported missing by her family after they hadn’t heard from her in a while.

“Sheriff’s Office detectives are seeking the public’s help to locate 41-year-old Patricia “Tricia” Soto. She is also known to use the last name of “Licata.” Patricia was last seen on November 7th at a residence in Burien,” the Snohomish County’s official Twitter account posted on December 16, 2021, only mere weeks after her missing person’s report was dominated.

 Both the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the Snohomish County officers worked together in the initial investigation while finding the Seattle missing woman, Soto. Now that the body has been found and identified, the King County Sheriff’s Office has overtaken the investigation to find the culprit in the case, as it is now declared a homicide.

The vehicle that had the body of the Seattle missing woman was parked in an auto repair or parts shop in Graham, south of Tacoma, confirmed Darren Moss of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. The cause of her death is still reported as pending by the examiner’s office. According to reports and a missing warrant, Soto was a Burien resident.

 Sgt. Darren Moss noted that authorities from Snohomish County were accompanied by Pierce County deputies to investigate a vehicle towed to the auto yard from King County when they found Soto’s body, and the case was immediately turned over to King County officers. There have been no further statements from either of the offices, though the King County office did confirm the department’s major crimes unit was involved in the investigation on Tuesday. Since this is a developing case, there might be more from the body of the Seattle missing woman currently under investigation, that helps determine her cause of death