Rhode Island police found two dead bodies, totally decomposed at the former mayor Susan Menard’s home. These bodies are identified to be the elderly man and woman by the officers of Woonsocket city.

The police officers are unable to conjugate if the former Woonsocket Mayor, Susan Menard is one of the decomposed bodies or not.

Susan served Woonsocket for 14 years, he began his stint first as a mayor in 1995 and remained on the chair till 2009. She’s the one in the history of the Woonsocket to be the longest mayor till then.

The ex-mayor’s house was surrounded by the police as the news of the brutely decomposed bodies found in the house made rounds. It is also not stated or confirmed how long these bodies have been there.

Woonsocket’s Chief Police Officer, Thomas Oates stated to WPRI that the house belongs to the ex-mayor when they guarded the house Monday morning.

The news spread like the fire in the forest as the lady was so popular across the state that the city honored a Middle School in the name of Susan D. Menard.

She is said to be the last surviving member of the family as confirmed by the Providence Journal. Robert Miller 81, Menard’s brother expired this Saturday according to the news reports.

According to the first investigation report, the police didn’t find any suspicious behavior that indicates any criminal activity. However, a state medical examiner is aligned to analyze the cause of death and the identification of the descendants.

As of Monday evening, according to the Fox News Digital platform, no proceedings have been made and no other updates have been shared by the police regarding the incident. Woonsocket is located in the north of Rhode Island city which meets the borders of Massachusetts. The total number of residents in the city is calculated to be more than 40,000.