According to the news updates, it has been reported that at least 2 people are dead and 8 others are hospitalized after a car plowed into a restaurant at Washington, D.C., restaurant during lunchtime this Friday – as per the authorities.

The EMS and D.C. Fire has reported it as a mass casualty incident that resulted in life-threatening injuries midday Friday in the area of Washington DC.

Among the ten victims, some of them were immediately transported to a local hospital, where two women, unfortunately, succumbed to their injuries, according to the local police. In addition, the other eight victims were in stable to serious condition.

According to the police, all victims are believed to have been sitting in the dining area settled outdoors for the customers for one of the popular Greek restaurant Pathenon on the DC sunny day when the SUV careened off the road, as per the authorities.

“This is rare. … We haven’t had an incident like this in many years,” Donnelly told reporters during a press briefing Friday. “A car hitting a crowd of people is a very serious event. Obviously, which we see, it’s a tragedy that results in a lot of injuries — serious injuries — so that’s what we’re dealing with right now.”

The crash is also believed to have been an accident because the driver was described as an elderly man, who was driving alone when he apparently lost control.

“There are no indications this was intentional in any form or fashion,” Bedlion told reporters.

The driver also received treatment at the accident scene and is cooperating with authorities, Bedlion said. There has also been no structural damage to the building. The police are further investigating the case.