Dave Portnoy, the president of a digital media company, Barstool Sports, has been accused of performing “violent and humiliating sexual acts” – revealed a report published by Business Insider on Thursday.

However, Portnoy denied the allegations and called the magazine’s report a “Hit Piece”. Later that day, the 44-year-old president posted a couple of videos on Twitter saying, “I have never done anything weird with a girl, ever”.

In the Insider reports, the victims used pseudonyms to describe how Portnoy sexually humiliated them, even though they met him consensually.

They didn’t know that the encounters would “turn into frightening and humiliating experiences,” which now have taken a toll on their mental health.

On Thursday, after the Insider published the report, Portnoy’s parent company Penn National Gaming shares saw a dip by 20 percent.

Two of the victims who spoke with Insider said, they met Portnoy in 2020 at his Nantucket, Massachusetts house to engage in consensual sex. However, later he turned “violent” during the course.

Another woman, who Insider mentioned as “Madison,” said that the 44-year-old started recording her without her consent during oral sex.

She further revealed, while Portnay was engaged in what she called “rough sex” with her, he went even “harder” when she said it was getting “too much”.

She expressed her painful feelings to the news outlet saying, “It was so painful,” and added, “I kept trying to get away and he was like, ‘Stop running away from me. Stop running away from me.’”

Later, Madison shared screenshots of the conversation that she had with a friend discussing how “hard’ the president of the Barstool choked her that “she couldn’t even breathe” . In the text messages, she compared the consensual sex as “being raped”.

Another victim of that Insider mentioned as “Allison” said when she had sex with Portnoy last year, he was “aggressive” during the encounters.

“He kept spitting in my mouth, which was really gross. I was kind of scared. I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

Allison said that her experience was so horrible that it got her hospitalized for depression. Her mother insisted on pressing charges against Portnoy, but she resisted as “she knew he would drag me through the mud.”