Dancing with the stars comes with Disney Night in its 4th week of season 30 with a series of outstanding performances. The stars have been waiting for this moment to show their best moves. So, here is a breakdown of the 2 hours show, filled with spectacular performances. Below we have compiled all the best moments from the most memorable fan-favorite Disney Night.

Let’s check out the performance and determine who was the show steeler.

1. Daniella and Iman froze the floor with their performance on “Let it go”

The performance took place at exactly 6:54 pm. The pair impressed the judges with a graceful foxtrot.

After seeing that amazing performance, Lens commented, “It’s obvious you’re great at delivering, and you delivered a really elegant foxtrot,” and added, “I thought you did a really good job.”

2. Cody and Cheryl went all-electric

The performance began with Cheryl coming to the dance floor with full energy and of course, there were some serious sparks. On their distinctive performance, Carrie Ann said, “My favorite part of that dance was the Mickey Dance Challenge,” and concluded her remarks by saying, “it was a great performance.”

3. Melora and Artem’s Jungle Book Greatness

The duo is a dream team and it was a feast to the eyes watching them perform. They surprised the audience in an extremely unexpected way, and that’s what they did at the “Dancing with the Stars” fun night.

On their performance, Bruno Marvel said, “The best quickstep I’ve seen so far this season.”

4. Pasha and Suni’s classic performance

Pasha and Suni performed at 6:30. The duo got the chance to see the screening of the Disney movie Ecanto, which is yet to be released, which inspired their dance performance.

Their performance was applauded by the audience and Derek commented, “I love seeing you open up more and more each week, “Well done! That was great.”

5. Brain and Sharna’s Romantic Snow White performance

The dance started at 6:24. The pair performed on “Someday My Prince Will Come” from our all-time favorite Disney movie, “Snow White.” Even though their chemistry was dreamy, the couple faced criticism for extreme PDA on stage.

Judge Bruno commented on their performance, saying, “Too much sweetness gives you a toothache.”

6. Brandon and Kenya will definitely go far!

The couple hit the stage at 6:13 pm for a striking contemporary performance on the Oscar-winning tune spreading the joyous and hopeful vibes.

Carrie Ann commented on their performance, saying, “beautiful” dance.

ABC – etonline

Apart from that;  Miz and Whitney also set the stage on fire. The duo gave a breath-taking performance on “Friend Like Me” from the movie Aladdin.  Then Olivia Jade and Val, who opted for the Simba theme and performed at “I Just Can’t-Wait to Be King.”.

Not to forget, Kloots and Bersten‘s rumba performance on “You’ll Be In My Heart” from the movie Tarzan which was followed by Jimmie and Emma’s performance at Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”. The duo paid tribute to Jimmy’s father via their performance. Then came Matt and Lindsay to rock the dance floor incredibly with their performance on “The in credits,”.

 The remaining contestant pairs, including Mel C & Gleb Step, and Jojo & Jenna, surely added the charm to the Dancing with the stars show through their standing ovation deserving performances.