DALLAS – an outdoor concert in Dallas where 1 was killed and 15 were injured by a shooting, over the weekend had no permit, revealed the authorities on Monday.

“The Dallas concert that left one dead and 16 injured did not have a permit, according to Dallas Police Chief Edgardo “Eddie” Garcia,” CNN Tweeted.

Apart from the victims who got injured during the shooting, a woman was found to suffer ‘non-gun related injuries.’ As in Monday’s updates, police Chief Eddie Garcia said, the victims were in stable condition.

Garcia added that, with “a permit and proper promoter oversight, we can better be prepared for events and crowds.”

On the shooting night, 7 officers from the Dallas police department were permitted to work off-duty, which the authorities should not have allowed as the concert did not have a permit. However, all the officers left when the shooting erupted, said, Garcia.

“We’re looking at our internal policies to take a closer look at approvals for these types of jobs,” he added.

The police actively responded to the situation at around 12:13 a.m. on Sunday and reached the concert location in southwest Dallas. Upon reaching, they found out that, one person fired a gunshot towards the sky, then a dispute broke out and another person fired in the crowd, Garcia detailed.

After the shooting scene officials found a 26-year-old named, Kealon Dejuane Gilmore lying near the stage on the ground with a bullet shot on the forehead. “Gilmore died at the scene,” confirmed the on-duty officials.

“Kealon Dejuane Gilmore, 26, was shot and killed – and 11 others were wounded – when someone fired a gun into the air and someone else fired a gun toward the crowd at a Dallas-area concert”, a source Tweeted.

“People coming to an event should worry about enjoying themselves, not to have fear if won’t make it home,” Garcia stated during the press release.

The case investigation is currently underway. A police representative said that they hadn’t found any clue about the event organizers for interrogation.

Saturday night’s shooting news came just two weeks after it was reported that 10 people were shot at a spring party in Dallas on March 19.