Dallas – Nearly 10 people were shot, and one was found in a critical condition after a shooting erupted outside a spring break party venue in Dallas on Saturday, officials reported.

“At least ten people were wounded in an overnight shooting in Dallas early Sunday, according to Dallas Police Department spokesperson Brian Martinez,” CNN Tweeted.

Following the shooting, late Saturday, authorities found an 18-year-old man brutally injured at The Space Dallas. The remaining 9 were immediately transported to the hospital and reported in a stable condition, the state officials said.

Several others at the party had suffered minor injuries as they tried to run away to escape the gunfire.

As per the latest information received, the shooting began mid night at the venue following a group of people carrying firearms trying to break into the party

and were stopped by the security

Joe Morgan, who was tasked with crowd control at the party, told the news reporters that a group of teens hosted the party where the shooting happened. He heard the sound of the gunshots from outside during the party.

The people in the queue “started running through the gate and trampled us,” when the sounds of the gunshots were heard.

“A lot of the kids were helping the other kids,” he stated on Sunday. He added that many people suffered gunshot wounds on their legs, arms, and chests.

The officials last reported that the shooting victims also include a 14-year-old who was transported to the city hospital.

No arrests have been made at the moment, as the suspects are yet to be identified.

The Saturday shooting is out of several that happened over the weekend in Texas. Earlier, four got injured after being shot in Austin during the annual Southwest Festival. “The shooting was one of several over the weekend involving multiple victims in Texas. Four people were shot in Austin as the city hosted its annual South by Southwest Festival, and four teenagers were shot, one fatally, at a birthday party in Houston,” KPLC Tweeted.