New leaked audio shows exactly how far troubled Gov. Andrew Cuomo has gone to deal with his critics.

A New York Times digital broadcast on Friday uncovered the audio of a 2018 phone discussion where Cuomo threatened the leader of WFP to be compared with a “child rapist” since he wasn’t content with the WFP’s lukewarm political endorsement of him.

The audio adds to the developing disclosures against the New York leader who is confronting the allegations of sexual assaults and harassment.

The New York Times revealed the content of the telephone discussion among Cuomo and Bill Lipton, the leader of the Working Families Party, back in February. At that point, Cuomo’s office said any such discussion never happened.

However, on Friday, The Times’ “Every day” digital broadcast revealed the audio of that call that affirmed that Cuomo aimed to brand his critic as a better option in contrast to a pedophile over a mere political dispute.

The Working Families Party (WFP) had backed “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon over Cuomo during the Democratic primary in 2018. After Nixon lost, the WFP chose to help Cuomo in the General Elections in November considering him a better option in contrast to the Republican Marc Molinaro.

Lipton said to Cuomo that they have differences in priorities and that it’s fine for both the parties to keep pointing them out. He further said that Cuomo can say what he wants to, but regardless of his words, the WFP still recognizes they have more in common with Cuomo than they do with his Republican opponent, at the end of the day.

The spokesperson to Cuomo told Fox News on Saturday that the Senator couldn’t recall any such conversation with Lipton.

The audio adds to the ever-increasing list of accusations against Cuomo and many individuals are showing up with their complaints of being harassed by the New York Senator over the course of years.

Moreover, it has now been eight ladies who have come up with their tormenting charges against Cuomo for his inappropriate behavior and harassment.

On Friday, Cuomo’s assistant, Alyssa McGrath, came forward as the eighth lady with allegations against him. She disclosed the instances in which she was subjected to misconduct and harassment by Andrew Cuomo. She said Cuomo inappropriately remarked about how she looked and stared at her body in the office.