President Joe Biden has once again emphasized investigations to continue against Andrew Cuomo for his alleged sexual misconduct against his subordinates. He claimed that if the allegations are confirmed then Cuomo must resign and face the consequences.

Andrew Cuomo, New York governor, is facing serious sexual allegations from seven different women who had worked under him in the past. The allegations range from showing ‘inappropriate’ gestures to groping and passing of unwanted comments. One of the accuser’s attorneys has claimed that Cuomo is facing far more serious charges.

In a recent interview, President Joe Biden claimed that it takes a lot of courage for a woman to come forward with sexual allegations against a man. If a woman does that, she should be presumed to be telling the truth and not victimized at all. Her presumptions should be taken seriously and must be investigated.

President Biden did not defend his fellow Democrat, instead claiming that if the investigations reveal that the allegations are true, then Cuomo should get ready to face prosecution.

Andrew Cuomo, who was applauded for his efforts to combat the coronavirus, has been under fire recently due to a series of sexual scandals making headlines in the media.

His popularity has gone downhill in recent months, when he was accused of forging the data about the number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. The investigation into that ugly data coverup episode is still going on, while these sexual allegations have further tarnished his political career.

Cuomo clarified his stance in a statement, but it did not help him in any way. Many people have called for his resignation.

It is quite evident that Governor Cuomo is on the verge of losing the confidence of the people of New York.

The New York State Assembly is mulling to move legislation to impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo amidst the sexual allegations against him.