The case of cruise ships wandering out at sea due to the surge in COVID-19 cases is not new, the Omicron variant has only brought the restriction back in several countries. Mexico however, announced Tuesday that they will allow ships with coronavirus patients on board to dock.

The Health Department of Mexico announced that cruise ships that have passengers or crew or members with a Covid positive test or Covid like symptoms would be given medical care along with quarantine time. Meanwhile, those that are negative, nor show any sign of the virus will be allowed to come off and on the shore without hassle.

Previously when there was less research and more doubts about the virus, cruise ships that had left and had COVID positive cases on-board had to be out in the sea for weeks, trying to find a country that would take them, allowing them to dock.

The Mexico Health Department said the ship that was not allowed to dock at Puerto Vallarta would be allowed to dock farther north at Guaymas. Not many countries are allowing travelers and tourists to either come back or leave the premises, whether that’s by land, air, or water. This includes all cruise ships that have been out in the sea since before the Omicron variant was discovered.

Mexico is one of the only few countries that has not imposed a travel ban, testing requirements, or any other kinds of restrictions involving travel. This even includes mild restrictions such as mandatory mask mandates or social distancing in public places. Tourism and travel account for 8.5% of Mexico’s GDP, which is why the government thinks it’s unwise to put restrictions that hinder that stream of income. Despite having 460,000 deaths due to COVID-19 already, the country continues to prioritize a steady economy over a restricted economy.