A makeshift memorial was placed at the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming where the remains were found believed to be of Gabby Petito.

White stones were arranged in the shape of a cross where a body was found in the Spread Creek Dispersed campsite. It is believed that the body belongs to the missing girl Gabby Petito but only an autopsy will confirm that. The law enforcement agencies stated that an autopsy will be conducted on Tuesday to determine whether it belongs to Gabby Petito or not.

The 22 years old had set out on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie in June 2021. Brian Laundrie returned home alone on the 1st of September and Petito was reported missing by her family.

Law enforcement agencies discovered the remains of a woman on Sunday on the east side of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. White stones were spotted at the discovered spot today. The campsite had been closed to the public since the remains were found. A pink ribbon was also tied up nearby the exact location where the white Ford van was last parked on the roadside.

The location of the body was found after a tip was given by a YouTuber that he had seen Gabby Petito at this location. The investigators and law enforcement agencies had marked the whole area with red markers to continue with the search.

The law enforcement agencies confiscated Petito’s laptop which will lead them to crucial information regarding the couple and their trip. The forensic experts will be searching and evaluating the hard drive of Gabby Petito’s laptop to find out what happened between them.

As per Brian Laundrie who returned home to North Port, Florida alone was termed as a “person of interest” by the law enforcement agencies. He has vanished completely and has also been termed missing.