16 Best to Good CrackStreams Alternatives:

1. Stream2Watch (Winner)
2. ESPN (Paid)
3. Cricfree
4. Batsmanstream
5. Reddit Sports
6. Laola1 (Paid ad-free version)
7. LiveTV
8. NBC Sports
9. JioTV
10. Hulu (Paid)
11. Joker Live Stream (Paid)
12. Stream East
13. DAZN (Paid)
14. MamaHD (Paid)
15. Red Bull TV
16. GoATD

If you are a sports freak and haven’t come across CrackStreams, we doubt your fandom!

CrackStreams is a popular sports streaming platform where you can watch sports events like Football, Boxing, MMA, NFL, Basketball, and many more, free of charge.

Despite being a go-to platform for many sports lovers, the website can be taken down anytime due to its working nature. In fact, back in 2021, the site went down, keeping hundreds or more people from watching their favorite sports events.

Before checking out its top alternatives, have a brief look at what CrackStreams offers so we can compare it to its sports streaming rivals.

What is CrackStreams?

  • Live sports streaming website
  • Show sports events in high-quality display
  • Free of cost
  • The website has hundreds of streams in distinctive categories
  • Popular sports that it streams include: NFL, Baseball, Boxing, Football, Soccer, Hockey, UFC, and more.
  • It doesn’t require any installation of software or app to watch sports

Top 17 Best CrackStreams Alternatives

Best CrackStreams Alternatives
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CrackStreams is a trustworthy but unstable website that can be taken down by your government or ISPs at any time. Therefore, we have brought some powerful alternatives to it so you can continue watching sports.

1. Stream2Watch

  • Shows live sports online
  • Safe to use
  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Shows content in HD-quality
  • Doesn’t have as many channels as its rivals

As an alternative to Crack Stream, you may utilize Stream2Watch, one of the most well-known and widely used free sports streaming services. This website likely has a live stream for any kind of athletic event you’re interested in.

On the site, you’ll find a list of all the games you can watch live. You’ll be able to learn about sports names, team members, and more.

2. Stream East

  • Shows trending sports events in high quality
  • Streamline sports like MMA, WWE, Boxing, NBA, NHL, NFL, and more
  • Safe to use, but it is recommended to use a VPN
  • Shows sports like MLB, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, NLF, Cricket, Golf, UFC, Stanley cup, The ultimate fighter, and Boxing, etc.
  • Free of charge
  • Its use could be prohibited in some countries that have strict copyright and piracy laws

The Stream East sports portal is the latest in a long line of high-quality and trending sports websites. It is one of the ideal replacements for Crackstream. Stream East is the best place to watch sports in 2022 because of its expanding fan base and excellent live streaming quality.

Which services does Stream East provide? You may watch any live match, including MMA, WWE, Boxing, NBA, NHL, NFL, and much more, from any location. So if you are a fan of professional sports or NBA Crack Streams, Stream East online will never disappoint.

3. Laola1

  • Live streaming platform for Australian sports
  • Legal to stream
  • Free of cost but paid ad-free plans
  • No longer in service

Because of high-speed internet connections and suitable gadgets, streaming online content has become easier. There are several Crack Streams proxy sites to choose from.

If you’re looking for a free sports streaming service like the CrackStreams NFL, Laola1 is an option. Laola1 is a CrackStreams mirror site and a streaming platform for Australian sports. Laola1 offers a wide range of live online sports.

The user just has to click on one of the links adjacent to the currently playing live sport. Various live sports links are available on this website without changing a single dime. Watching live sports on Laola1 doesn’t even need a membership.


  • Value for combat sports enthusiasts
  • Broad device support
  • Live and on-demand shows
  • No contract
  • Paid service
  • More focused on boxing and MMA in most countries
  • Sports availability varies from country to country

Boxing is a sport with several facets. It takes a lot of practice and dedication to become good at it. All throughout the globe, people are curious about boxing. Many websites like CrackStreams are accessible online.

DAZN is far and away from the best option for watching live boxing matches online. Boxing is the primary focus of this CrackStreams Proxy Site. All of the boxing information on the site may be accessed for a low monthly fee.

DAZN provides access to a wide range of material, including exclusive boxing, documentaries, weekly programs, historical battles, live events, and highlights. Users may watch live sports on their Smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and smartphones if they have a subscription.

5. Red Bull TV

  • Gives free access to live events, esports, music festivals, films, videos, documentaries, and shows from worldwide.
  • Free to use
  • You have to download the app to watch sports

Only a few online sites allow you to indulge in adventurous sports. CrackStreams unblocked sites thrive on the internet, allowing users to view their favorite sporting events in real time.

Red Bull TV, on the other hand, stands out from the crowd of CrackStreams alternatives.

All Red Bull-sponsored sports are available to the general public. The Red Bull TV app for Android and iOS allows users to view live video on their mobile devices while they’re on the go.

This Crack Streams mirror site is a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, including sports, music, and videos.

6. Hulu

  • Offers a host of exclusive series, current-season episodes, blockbuster films, Hulu Originals, and children’s programs
  • Gives a free trial
  • Works on both Android and iOS operating systems
  • Paid service

OTT platforms have made it possible for everyone to watch their favorite programs and movies from the comfort of their own home. The internet is full of CrackStreams mirror sites that provide access to a variety of material for free or with monthly/yearly subscription fees.

As a replacement for CrackStreams, Hulu offers access to a wide range of materials. Exclusive series, current-season episodes, blockbuster films, Hulu Originals, and children’s programming are just some of the options available to you on Hulu.

This CrackStreams proxy service allows users to stream their favorite movies and television shows for a monthly or annual fee.

Hulu also has a free trial option that allows users to access the platform’s content without having to pay a fee. The Hulu app for Android and iOS is also accessible in-app.

7. MamaHD

  • Gives access to sports like football, tennis, handball, basketball, cricket, cycling, racing, and volleyball
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Offer a free trial for first-time customers
  • Paid service

Now you can watch live sports on various devices, not only TVs and radios. Many websites, such as CrackStreams, provide live sports streaming.

This alternative to CrackStreams provides access to a wide range of live sports, including sports like football, tennis, handball, basketball, cricket, cycling, racing, and volleyball.

There are versions of MamaHd for both Android and iOS. With a free trial or a membership, users may access all of the information on this Crack stream mirror site and watch their favorite sports for free.

8. Joker Live Stream

  • Streamline all major sporting events and leagues, including Formula 1, Tennis Grand Slams, MLB, Premier League, Champions League, NBA, and NFL
  • High-definition video quality
  • Available everywhere around the globe
  • Paid service

The availability of many live streaming substitutes to CrackStreams makes it difficult for a user to choose which platform is ideal for their needs.

There are a number of CrackStreams mirror sites on the internet that claim to be able to broadcast live content at all times. However, all Crack Streams Proxy sites are not like Joker Live Stream.

It offers non-stop internet streaming of a wide range of sporting events. Major sporting events and leagues including the Formula 1, Tennis Grand Slams, MLB, Premier League, Champions League, NBA, and NFL are all included in this list of popular sports events and leagues.

All of these live events may be streamed in high definition without any difficulty. To see live content, users must subscribe to Joker Live Stream. The greatest part of Joker Live Stream is that it is available to everybody around the globe, no matter where they live.

9. CricFree

  • Gives access to a host of online sports stations
  • Streamline live sports free of charge
  • The platform may get blocked sometimes

Streaming sports for free has never been easier. Watching your favorite sport for free online is now a reality for everyone. There are a lot of CrackStreams proxy sites out there. As an alternative to CrackStreams, there is Cricfree.

Cricfree gives you access to a variety of online sports stations. Simply visit Cricfree and click on the relevant link next to the current live sports.

With CricFree, you don’t have to pay a cent to watch a variety of live sports channels. CricFree does not need users to purchase a membership in order to enjoy a variety of live-streaming material.

10. NBC Sports

  • Streamlines a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, formula 1, NFL, NBA, NBA2 and many more
  • Provides access to sports-related information and highlights for the fans
  • You need to pay for the service if you don’t have a cable subscription

For free online sports streaming, there is a large number of CrackStreams Proxy sites. One of the top sports websites on the internet is NBC Sports. NBC Sports is part of the NBC TV Network and focuses on sports.

In addition to NFL, NBA, and NBA2, users may watch a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, formula 1, and many more.

As CrackStreams Mirror Site provides access to a wide range of sports-related information and game highlights, NBC Sports has all the newest sports news and updates.

11. JioTV

  • Free software that streamlines a wide range of programs, live sports, TV series, and movies
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Slow working app

Android and iOS users should download the JioTV app because it offers all the material for free, and is the best option for CrackStreams.

JioTV is free software that enables users to stream movies and television episodes. There are over 600 TV stations to choose from, with more than 100 of them being HD, all via JioTV.

Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet computers, can run the JioTV app (IOS and Android-based). With a single swipe, you can watch the channels of your choice. You may watch a wide range of programs, live sports, TV series, and movies on this CrackStreams Mirror website.

12. ESPN Sports

  • Streamline live sports events
  • Offers 7-day free trial
  • Secure channel
  • Gives access to sports-related news, events, and highlights
  • Paid service

We’ve all heard of the countless CrackStreams Unblocked sites out there. Live sports streaming is made easier with CrackStreams Proxy, which offers a wider range of choices and functions. However, ESPN Sports is one sports channel that has been around for a long time and continues to grow in popularity.

There is a wide range of information and live streaming of sports available on ESPN sports. The vast majority of cricket-related information may be found on ESPN sports. A look at current cricket news and briefings as well as match schedules, highlights, and more.

You may watch live sporting events for a little fee on ESPN Sports if you sign up for a membership. Users may also take advantage of a seven-day free trial on the website.

13. Live TV

  • Popular sports streaming website with user-friendly interface
  • Apart from streaming live sports, it gives access to live scores and highlights of previous games
  • You can watch combat, cycling, football, billiard, winter sport, handball, futsal, greyhound racing, equestrianism, bandy, athletics, and table tennis
  • You may feel difficulty accessing NFL and other American sports

Live TV is one of the most popular websites for sports streaming. The user interface of this website is both straightforward and attractive.

It includes all the information in an orderly fashion, enabling visitors to have a seamless experience. The website is especially well-liked in European nations including Italy, Germany, and France.

Here, you may watch combat, cycling, football, billiard, winter sport, handball, futsal, greyhound racing, equestrianism, bandy, athletics, and table tennis. Users may create accounts, allowing them to remain connected to this website for updates and alerts.

The only downside of this website is that just ten percent of its visitors are American. Perhaps the site should make American Sports and NFL streaming more accessible.

14. Batsmanstream

  • The sports streaming site streamline live events, including handball, rugby, tennis, football, the National Football League (NFL), basketball, baseball, and volleyball
  • Website gets refreshed every 25 minutes for live updates
  • It has geographical limitations

Sporting events such as NHL, football, NBA, handball, rugby, tennis, football, the National Football League (NFL), basketball, baseball, and volleyball, as well as motorsports and rugby, may be streamed on Batmanstream, a popular sports streaming site. Even previously unknown events like Poker may be streamed on this site!

Dracula was a nickname for Batsmanstream. We can’t think of a better online sports broadcaster than this one. In truth, even during major events like the Champions League, it is always available and has an uptime of over 95%.

Every 15 minutes or so, the website is refreshed for improved performance. However, the site’s main drawback is its geographic limitations.

15. Reddit

  • Provides live sports updates frequently
  • Provides links to live sports streaming videos
  • It doesn’t itself streamline live sports events

Why did we include Reddit in our article, you ask? There’s a good explanation for it. No. Reddit doesn’t provide sports streaming, however, if you’re looking for frequent updates on sporting events, you may find them on Reddit’s multitude of subreddit sites. Additionally, these subreddit sites provide links for sports lovers to watch live-streaming videos.

16. GoATD

  • Live sports streaming platform that broadcasts 10 to 15 events daily
  • Free from random or spam links
  • Not always available
  • Lacks some features that sports fans would like

The site has the best live sports streaming available online. The site broadcasts between 10 and 15 events every day.

For sports streaming, the site doesn’t simply put up random links, but all of its sites listed are excellent. However, if you are looking for smaller matches, this might not be the right choice.

Crack Streams – Is it safe to use?

While the main CrackStreams website has been shut down, millions of people continue to access dozens of mirrors. Using VirusTotal, we decided to check out one of CrackStreams’ most popular mirrors.

VirusTotal found a potentially harmful file in the URL that seems to be linked to viruses or malware. Antivirus software and a virtual private network (VPN) are always recommended for use while visiting untrusted websites like CrackStreams.

Final Words

CrackStreams is millions of Americans’ go-to site for live sports. However, it would be wise not to rely solely on it as it can be shut down at any given time and cause interruptions in the middle of a match.

Above, we have provided all the close alternatives to CrackStreams. Carefully read their pros and cons and sports events that it streamlines before trying them out.

Lastly, we have also rated these alternatives from the best to good in terms of availability and performance. So don’t forget to check that out as well.