Pfizer has confirmed the date to release the vaccines and it will be rolled out in December and it is a good news for the people. This good news is still subjected to the FDA’s approval for emergency usage throughout America.

Pfizer is struggling to get this approval from FDA because Moderna is also preparing to apply for emergency usage of the vaccine. Operation Warp Speed suggests that the date for the official rollout of the vaccine is 15th of December.

Pfizer has already submitted the emergency use authorization (EUA) application in November, followed by Moderna. There is a meeting arranged between Pfizer and the FDA team on the 10th of December to discuss EUA.

The FDA head has commented that approval may take weeks before EUA is offered to Pfizer. It is believed that the rollout date will stay the same if the FDA approves EUA.

Moderna will follow the footsteps of Pfizer as their application will be reviewed by the FDA after Pfizer in December. Operation Warp Speed document has given the details about the doses of vaccines to be produced in December.

CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has suggested that healthcare workers must be the first ones to be vaccinated. Healthcare professionals have devoted their lives during this pandemic to help the coronavirus patients and they must be rewarded.

It is time that they are the ones to be vaccinated first as a gesture to their services during the pandemic. The vaccine will be rolling out in phases and the elderly ones will be receiving it in the second phase.

The distribution channel will be strictly overseen by the government officials to avoid any irregularities. The people will be encouraged to show patience while the people in need are vaccinated first.

Governors are given the crucial task to manage the vaccine distribution to run the process smoothly. They also have to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine program must be highly regulated.

CDC also has to play a role in the vaccine rollout to ensure that it happens as per CDC guidance. It is going to be an essential informative platform for the people looking to get vaccinated and learn the guidelines for getting the vaccine.

One of the states that are going to receive the first batch of vaccines is New York. Pfizer is trying to manufacture over 20 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine in its first batch.