The comeback to Broadway of Daniel Craig in a new production of “Macbeth” has been put on hold after the actor acquired COVID-19.

The performances were postponed when the actor who portrays James Bond was found to be Covid positive. It’s unclear when he’ll be back, but based on current updates, it might be several days.

Ruth Negga makes her Broadway debut as Lady Macbeth in a staging of William Shakespeare’s tragedy starring  Daniel Craig.

In the Lyceum Theater, a performance of “Macbeth” is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 28th. Sam Gold, the Tony Award winner is directing it.

“Macbeth” is said to have been cursed from the very start, when a witches’ coven objected to Shakespeare’s use of authentic incantations and placed a curse on the play. Even other Macbeth productions had been plagued with different accidents.

Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, the stars of The Music Man, have both Covid and had to cancel their Broadway performances because of it.