After the outburst of Buffalo Bills player Cole Beasley regarding not getting vaccinated, more NFL players have started to show their displeasure over the new covid-19 vaccine rules. Many National Football League players have started to push back against the newer covid-19 protocols for the new season.

Cole Beasley had tweeted last week that he is not vaccinated and does not plan to get vaccinated also. He stated that ”I’ll be out in public. If you are scared of me then steer clear, or get vaccinated… I may die of covid, but I’d rather die living”

According to the reports, Beasley has said that many NFL players support his beliefs but they have not established veterans so they are indecisive about taking a firm stance against the new covid-19 vaccine rules.

The new covid-19 vaccine rules will be applicable from preseason practices and training camps. According to the new protocols, the unvaccinated players will be restricted from getting back to normalcy, unlike the vaccinated players.

The unvaccinated players will undergo tests for Covid-19 daily and will be liable to wear masks during the travel and team facilities. They will not be eligible to use steam/sauna rooms and may not be allowed to leave the team hotel or interact with anyone outside as well as will be banished from attending any travel party.

Cole Beasley stated that he will not obey these new protocols and if that means he cannot play, he will retire. The Washington football team player Montez Sweat also opposed the Covid-19 vaccine rules stating that the vaccine is not a treatment of covid-19, it can only prevent someone from dying or establishing severe symptoms if infected. He has no intention of getting that shot based on something which does not satisfy him mentally.

The unvaccinated players will be subjected to quarantine after high-risk exposure while the vaccinated player will not. Beasley has now become “the face of the NFL’s anti-vax movement”. He has exclaimed that he is even willing to play free for the entire year to show everybody that he wants to live on his terms if he is forced to retire, so that is how it will be.

The head coach of Washington Ron Rivera slammed all these voices of the players who are raising concerns over the new covid-19 vaccine rules, stating that it’s a choice which they must make. He further said that vaccination is a must to attain herd immunity so that everyone out there can live and enjoy the thing just like before.