It is very important to understand that in some cases vaccines are mandatory for the people said, Dr. Fauci. He has given examples of various situations in which it will be mandatory for people to get vaccinated.

Some people are likely to travel abroad within the next few days; they will be requiring a vaccination. Otherwise, it may become difficult for the person to travel without any vaccination certificate.

The students who prefer face to face classes are also going to require a mandatory certificate for vaccination. It will be difficult for schools to accept a student with no vaccination because such students can contribute to spreading the virus.

The vaccines are to be made mandatory in certain cases, but Dr. Fauci does not see the federal government doing so. With Biden coming in the power, Fauci will present his idea of making the coronavirus vaccines mandatory.

Whenever there are suggestions regarding public health, the usual practice is to not enforce things on the people. It is up to individuals to make an informed decision about their health while keeping other’s safety in mind too.

There’s a possibility that on state and city levels, such decisions can be enforced, but it is practically impossible to implement nationwide. History also tells us the same.

Pfizer has gotten a green signal from different states to supply them with the coronavirus vaccines. But due to certain inefficiencies, the vaccine has not yet reached its goals of 2020.

It was estimated that over 20 million people will be vaccinated, but so far only 3 million people have been vaccinated. This is a huge difference and at this pace, it might take years to get people vaccinated in America.

Dr. Fauci thinks that some countries are going to require vaccination certificates for people. If you wish to enter a certain country, they can ask you to produce a coronavirus vaccination certificate to enter.

It is difficult at this point to say that the vaccine is going to help with the clinical diseases. Therefore, Fauci suggests that people do not discard the safety precautions taken against the coronavirus.

It is expected that life will come back to normal during the fall of 2021 as vaccines are distributed among the masses. But still, precautions are to be taken to ensure safety and security from the coronavirus situation.