The instances of virus spread have begun to rise once again, causing the governments to brace themselves yet again. In the State of California, Governor Newsom had to issue a strict stay-at-home order due to a rise in cases.

The state is reported to be running out of intensive care units but California is not the only state suffering from such trouble. Cases have begun to rise rapidly across the United States of America once again and people are panicking.

The decreasing testing capacity for the coronavirus is making the situation worse. It took months and millions of dollars to increase the testing capacities for the virus, but it is still not enough.

Dr. Geoffery Baird is the acting chair of the University of Washington’s laboratory system and he governs all Covid-19 diagnostics. He has reported that he has spent over 30 million dollars just to build more labs and increase capacity.

He also told the reporters that the labs have over 1,500 workers and a tenth of them are solely focused on Covid-19. However, even all these efforts are not helping the people as much as was hoped.

He said that they are testing a lot of people for Covid-19 daily, but it is still insignificant. The lack of significance is due to the overwhelming rise in Covid-19 cases in the US.

The coronavirus pandemic is by far one of the worst health crises that the world has had to face in a very long time. At first, its spread was so rapid that the countries did not have enough time to take precautions.

The World Health Organization also failed to warn countries that it was a global pandemic on time. The entire world, including big nations and prominent countries, suffered losses.

The United States of America has also been one of the hardest-hit countries in the world. Not only did the virus spread like wildfire since March 2020, but it also crippled the entire system of economy.

More than 280 thousand people have lost their lives due to Covid-19 and other than this many lost jobs. More than 20 million jobs have also been lost ever since the beginning of the coronavirus.

The destruction of the economy is evident and the hospitals have run out of capacity to treat patients. And the pandemic is not getting any slower or weaker.