Due to the ongoing increasing cases of COVID-19, it has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. New drugs are being experimented with each day to reach a breakthrough. 

One of such new drugs that are showcasing positive results is “Remdesivir”.

Most of the patients that are undergoing trials with this new drug are seen to recovering quickly and being released from the hospital in a very short period.

Some very critical symptoms of COVID appear to be severe respiratory symptoms and high fever, which cause breathing problems in their patients.

This new drug appears to be addressing these issues as well, and a clear recovery rate seems to be set.

Still, no clear verdict can be made that remdesivir is the cure for COVID-19. Many experiments and trials still need to be carried out for ensuring the safety of the patients.

Gilead sciences curated this drug and upon testing in animals it has shown potential for treating the major symptoms of the viral disease.

However, there has been no confirmation of a control group in the testing phase yet.

Many clinical centers for this matter of testing have proceeded, such as Gilead is sponsoring such tests for improving results. A total of 2400 patients are in the trial phase.

In many interviews, the firm has stated the urgency of a cure needed for this pandemic. Therefore, many studies on increasing patients are being carried out to continually improve the drug. The company sees the potential that it holds. Many anecdotal reports indicate promising statistical results.

Still, the safety of patients and the effects of the drug need to be investigated in order to provide a safer option for patients.