The Americans are finding it hard to cope up with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the number of deaths continues to rise. The death toll in the US alone has reached half a million. President Biden observed a moment of silence outside the White House.

The President has been truly devastated to know that millions of people in the country are disturbed by this pandemic.

This number is disturbingly high because this number is more than that of all the major wars combined. America is the only country to have lost more than half a million people to this virus.

The United States is the first country to record half a million deaths. Kamala Harris and the first lady were also present with the President.

The national flag hoisted on the White House will continue to fly at half-mast until the end of this week. The White House officials also shared the moment.

President Biden had lost one of his beloved sons in 2015 and his family in a car crash in 1972. This is the reason that he can truly empathize with people who have lost their loved ones due to this global pandemic.

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary from the White House, addressed all the questions of the media on this day. She has claimed that President Biden wanted people to know that he will do anything in his power to combat this deadly virus.

The medical teams are working tirelessly day in and out to ensure that the people are treated well. The vaccine distribution process has also accelerated, but given the population of America, it is difficult to speed up the process.

The nation will survive this tough time and they will smile again. It is time for the people of America to take strict precautionary measures and stay vigilant.