China has put its 2 cities under lockdown to achieve the “Zero Covid” milestone before the advent of the Winter Olympics scheduled in February.

One of the biggest Covid-19 lockdowns since the emergence of coronavirus in Wuhan, the residents of the cities of Xi’an and Yuzhou are facing immense difficulties to deal with their day-to-day problems.

Xi’an is a central city of China comprising 13 million people and under lockdown after cases started to resurface of Covid-19.

The residents of Xi’an just got their misery doubled as they are witnessing a shortage of food and other essential supplies as well as the covid tracking app glitches.

The covid tracking app keeps on crashing as the most stringent lockdown of the country continues to haunt the residents of Xi’an.

The Covid-19 tracking app, which is a health code app displays the people who are currently infected or are at risk. It crashed completely which further complicated the Covid-19 tracing efforts of the officials from preventing more people from falling sick from the coronavirus.

As the app crashed it prevented the residents of the city from accessing their Covid-19 infection status resulting in preventing them to enter or leave the hospital.

There were various incidents reported which resulted because of the glitches in the Covid-19 tracking app. One of the most high-profile cases was when a pregnant woman miscarried as she was denied entry into one of the hospitals because of a lack of information regarding her Covid-19 risk status.

The city is also facing an extreme shortage of food and other essential items which have forced the residents to share their supplies and even barter amongst themselves.

The government of China however has denied all these allegations and has defended its stringent lockdown measures. The Chinese officials stated that food packages free of cost are being delivered to the residents of the cities which are under lockdown.

The officials have still not declared as to when the lockdown will end. The only thing known to the public is that the lockdown will only end when there is a “zero social transmission” benchmark achieved.

There has been a sharp drop witnessed in the city of Xi’an in new cases of Covid-19 since the lockdown began.