1 in 500 U.S. Residents Has Now Died From Coronavirus

New York- Another wave of contagious delta variants spreads this summer as the US continues to face an increase in the COVID-19 death toll.

More than 670,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19, whereas 4.6 million people died from the disease on a global level.

As per the data received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 63.3% of the Americans who are aged more than 12 are completely vaccinated and possibly have received their double shots.

As per the latest headlines,

            -FDA panel has voted ‘yes’ for the boosters aged 65 years and older at higher risk

            -FDA panel also declines to approve Pfizer shots for the Americans

            -Moderna vaccines prove to provide the strongest protection against COVID-19 and   hospitalization

The independent advisory committee of the FDA has voted on Friday regarding the question of whether the booster shots for Pfizer can be used for 16-year-olds or above.

This was largely raised as a concern due to the discomfort of the members with the vast age range. In Friday’s meeting, the members of the FDA and biological product advisory outlined that there are still large gaps in efficacy and safety for the younger age groups. However, the members said that they haven’t ruled out third shots for the adult population.

Biden will commit the summit Wednesday amid the UN General Assembly as per Jen Psaki’s statement.

The meeting will focus on “expanding and enhancing our shared efforts to defeat COVID-19,” according to Psaki, “including equitable vaccine access and making therapeutics and tests more available.”

More information will be available in the coming days, she said.